Skip McKean is a member of the Granite State Chapter of the Antique Truck Club of America and the American Truck Historical Society. You can see our trucks at the Granite State Chapter Truck Show, in Barrington, NH on the third Sunday of August every year.

topimageOur antique trucks can also be seen in local parades and truck shows and at our garage in Henniker.

Our antique truck collection includes:

  • 1942 Mack ED pickup
  • 1946 Mack EH oil truck
  • 1950 Mack A40 propane truck with 1967 Mississippi tank body
  • 1940 Mack DE utility truck
  • 1951 Mack LF tractor
  • 1954 Farrell Oil Tank Trailer
  • 1956 Mack B85 tractor
  • 1951 Trinity twin barrel propane tanker
  • 1985 Mack Superliner tractor
  • 1953 Massey Harris propane fired tractor
  • 1930s Reproduction Oil Tank Wagon